UltraSlim® - Red Light Treatment

Each 32-minute treatment session includes four 8-minute exposures, to the front, the back, and the left and right sides. This red light therapy works immediately, showing dramatic results before you leave the treatment room.


Studies show that UltraSlim® can reduce the size of adipocytes (fat cells) by one-third in only 8 minutes.

The average patient loses 3.5” (54.1 fluid ounces) of pure fat! Some patients lose over 10” at a single treatment!

That’s a gallon of fat in just 32 minutes!!


This technology uses a special patented red light that stimulates adipocyte cells (fat cells). The treated fat cells respond by opening temporary pores in the cell, and emptying the fat cell contents thus shrinking stubborn fat cells.  Giving you a slimmer body more refined body without requiring dieting or exercise.

How Does UltraSlim® Work?

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Only UltraSlim® has no pain, no downtime,
no side effects, and no adverse outcomes.

And you will lose at least 2” of fat at your very first UltraSlim® treatment, or your money back. Guaranteed!*

Vojae Inch Loss Success

There are other non-invasive body contouring technologies available such as lasers, microwaves, heat, freezing, and ultrasound that kill the fat cells.  Those cell-killing technologies carry a risk of serious complications and adverse outcomes such as scarring, bruising, pain, and downtime.  And they take months to see even minimal results. 

UltraSlim® achieves dramatic immediate results.


None of the other non-invasive body contouring devices are as safe as UltraSlim® .

As an added benefit, red light therapy has been shown to produce collagen and elastin fibers which help to smooth fine lines giving it the
appearance of being younger and tighter.