UltraSlim® Success Stories

Hannah under ultraslim red light

"After the birth of my baby, I had to wear maternity clothing for a month. Once I began my UltraSlim® treatments, I was immediately able to wear my regular pants. Now after just 12 UltraSlim® treatments, I am able to fit into my goal pants, that do not have any elastic in them at all! I feel great now and look forward to my next set of UltraSlim® treatments! My next goal is to get back to my pre-pregnancy body.” - Hannah W

Hannah full body ultraslim results
Hannah lost a total of 20 pounds, 1657cc, which is 5.1L of fat off her waist, hips, and thighs, with just 6 UltraSlim® treatments!

Hannah's Post Pregnancy Success

Hannah UltraSlim before and after
Post-Pregnancy many people experience a number of concerns-stretch marks, excess or loose skin on the abdomen, and extra fat accumulated in the waist, hips, and thighs. The “UltraSlim Mommy Makeover” focuses on all of these concerns helping to reshape and slim your body.  You will feel and look great!
Cecile Glunt of the Village of Fernandina -- As with many people, weight loss and weight management has become a major challenge for me.  Living in The Villages with an active lifestyle has been helpful, but I have continued to look for a solution that did not include starving myself or having to become a superhuman working out seven days a week in the gym.  Fortunately, for me, about 3 months ago I was introduced to some amazing technology called Ultraslim Red Light Therapy. This therapy program is now available in The Villages from Vojae Body Imaging.  I am so happy to report that thus far I have lost 15 inches, 7 pounds of body fat and over 15 pounds.  I have been able to do this without a fad diet, constant exercise, or any form of surgery.  I began to see results immediately and they have become long lasting and with no down time from my normal life and activities. I would strongly recommend Ultraslim and Vojae to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better about themselves and their body image.

Cecile's Success Story